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Space Law and Policy in the UK

While constrained by geographical space, the UK’s ambition to play a greater role in the space industry is boundless. In September of this year, the UK released its National Space Strategy which focuses on not only developing the domestic space capabilities of the UK but solidifying its role as a space faring nation into the future.

The UK was an early participant on space law front, being one of the first nations to introduce its own space law in 1986. Fast forward 35 years and the UK now has a new domestic space law, the Space Industry Act and regulations that look to future of space activities while also addressing the needs of the current industry.

In this webinar, the SLC-ANZ will be joined by Professor Christopher Newman, a Professor of Space Law and Policy at Northumbria University in the UK. Prof Newman is a leading expert in all things space law, having presented across the globe on space law and policy issues involving the UK as well as teaching.

SLC-ANZ Members will shortly receive details by email about how to join this webinar. Not a member? Join today at

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