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2023/24 SLC-ANZ Directors

The Space Law Council of Australia and New Zealand (SLC-ANZ) is delighted to announce the outcome of the election of directors that occurred as part of its 2023 Annual General Meeting.

The SLC-ANZ congratulates Joann Yap, Daniel Jackson, Alex Linossier and Dr Stacey Henderson on their re-election to the Board. The SLC-ANZ also welcomes Dr Annie Handmer and Dr Rebecca Connolly as Directors.

The SLC-ANZ would like to thank retiring Director, Scott Schneider. Scott has been a Director of the SLC-ANZ since August 2021 and has played an essential role in growing the SLC-ANZ's membership and focus over the last two year.

Joann Yap and Daniel Jackson will continue as Chair and Deputy Chair of the SLC-ANZ. Joel Lisk was reappointed by the Board as the SLC-ANZ Company Secretary.

The SLC-ANZ thanks all members who nominated for election as a Director of the SLC-ANZ.

Learn more about the SLC-ANZ's Board of Directors on our People Page.

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