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Strategy and Mission

The Space Law Council of Australia and New Zealand has three core objectives informed by its constitution when it was founded in 2020. These three objects are to educate, to inspire, and to engage.

Educate, inspire and engage reflects the not-for-profit purposes of the SLC-ANZ and form its core strategy and mission. These three objects inform how the SLC-ANZ operates and how it wants to proceed into the future. 


The SLC-ANZ's mission is to be the go to body and professional association for space law and policy in Australia and New Zealand.



The SLC-ANZ has three core objectives: Educate, Inspire and Engage. 

These core objective reflect the purposes for which the SLC-ANZ was incorporated for. The SLC-ANZ was incorporated for its members by its members, and these objects were developed following a comprehensive and deep consultation process with lawyers, students, academics and space industry participants. Learn more below.



To advance education of the laws related to outer space, the space-related economy, and space-adjacent industry sectors in Australia and New Zealand



To promote understanding of, accessibility to, and the education of space law both in an international and domestic context



To promote and seek the creation and reform of laws in Australia and New Zealand that encourage responsible, sustainable and internationally lawful operations in outer space.


The SLC-ANZ has three key priorities as it works towards its objects and mission: 

  • facilitate cooperation in outer space activities

  • foster a community of individuals and organisations interested in space law and policy

  • secure and increase sustainable access to the benefits of space activities.

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