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Parliamentary Committee Releases Report

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Earlier this year, the Space Law Council of Australia and New Zealand (SLC-ANZ) lodged a written submission to the Standing Committee on Industry, Innovation, Science and Resources' inquiry into the development of the Australian Space Industry. This was followed by in-person evidence in March.

The SLC-ANZ made four primary submissions:

  • there is a need for broader recognition, acceptance and promotion of space industry- related and space industry-adjacent sectors;

  • there should be continued focus and support for small to medium businesses;

  • the Australian Government should further develop and support the industry regulator’s role; and

  • the Australian Government should instigate the reform and continued evolution of legal frameworks.

The Committee has now tabled its final report in Parliament and made recommendations that go to each of SLC-ANZ’s core submissions including:

  • expanding support for SMEs in the global supply chain, in how they work for prime contractors and more general assistance in assisting them in navigating the global space industry (recommendations 11 through 13)

  • considering the long-term structure of the Australian space agency (recommendation 8);

  • better recognition of the role of non-STEM and space adjacent industry sectors including law, economics, finance, business and advisory services (recommendation 19)

  • reviews and reconsidering aspect of the current regulatory and policy framework (recommendations 22 through 24).

The SLC-ANZ and its submissions were mentioned or quoted from a dozen times in the Final Report.

The Committee’s final report can be accessed here.

The SLC-ANZ's original submission can be found on our publications page.

We look forward to reading the Government's response when available.

The Board of the SLC-ANZ thanks its members for their contributions to the submissions and evidence to the Committee.

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